TOP 10 Reasons to Choose Modular Construction

TOP 10 Reasons to Choose Modular Construction
  Features Advantages Benefits
1 Versatility Modular components can be easily expanded, relocated or reused. This flexibility allows them to adapt to future changes or expansion at your business.
2 Quick Installation Modular components are pre-engineered so that they can be assembled quickly during installation. A shorter install time results in a minimized effect on overall plant productivity.
3 Clean Installation Prefabricated components require minimal on-site construction and fabrication, which reduces dust and other contaminants during installation. This results in less disruption to your facility and minimizes an effect on your employee productivity.
4 Reduced Construction Labor Costs Prefabricated components install quickly and easily. A quick install results in a lower cost of labor when compared to conventional construction.
5 Ease of Coordination PortaFab supplies single source installation through a factory-trained distributor network. This provides end customers with a turnkey process that includes local support and assistance.
6 Reduced Design Time Modular components are pre-engineered. This significantly reduces the amount of engineering and architectural time required to design your building.
7 Consistent Quality & Appearance Our attractive, integrated systems are manufactured to exact specifications. Standardized modular components provide complete design consistency throughout any additions or expansions.
8 Low Maintenance Our durable, prefabricated wall panels require little maintenance beyond occasional surface cleaning. This eliminates the cost for repainting, surface repairs and other maintenance associated with conventional construction.
9 Tax Advantages Depreciation for conventional construction is 39 years, while depreciation for modular construction is only 7 years. This results in a quicker return on investment.
10 Environmentally Friendly Less construction material is wasted when building with modular components. Companies can earn LEED points to improve their Green Building Rating.