Fields of application for our products

Wind Energy

With our products, our service offers an ideal solution to access and assembly areas for construction or maintenance of wind energy systems.

Heavy Loads

Our service in the heavy load area protects subsoil with its products and ensures bearing capacity for loads being moved

Power Line Construction

Our service is on the spot with the right solution wherever power line construction needs us!

Crane Setup Areas

To give crane companies the correct stance on the particular subsoil, our service provides the required crane setup area with its products.

Bulding Sites

The subsoil that one would prefer is not always present at the building site. No problem! Our service and products prepare the required access roads and work areas.


Open air concerts or sports venues all face the same problem: how do we protect the soil? Our service has the solution that will protect the subsoil and turf. Our soil protection products provide the remedy.

Major Events

Our service provides the soil protection products that a major event needs. Whether access routes, footpaths, stage substructures or platforms.